Dr Seema Rao is a physician by profession and a writer by choice. Her work in the field of psychiatry and palliative medicine provides her with rare insights into the working of the human mind and its inherent suffering. A proud mother, a loving daughter, wife and friend, she waltzes through life with the motto, “This too shall pass”. As she traverses the landscape of life, writing has become a source of healing. She pens down her random thoughts about life, living and death in her blog.

looking back

by Dr Seema Rao

Buried deep a treasure trove
Beneath the sands of time
Nestled in the dark alcove
Of human mind sublime
Moments of pain and pleasure-
Of harmony and strife
Make memories, a cherished treasure
In the bivouac of life

My footsteps to retrace
Down the memory lane
My yesterdays to embrace
The joys and the pain

I thought I would find
A soul in a bind…
Along the forged dirt track-
Of blood, sweat and tears
Of hopes, dreams and fears
That I had lost long back

What I found instead
Was love within and God overhead
As the dirt road lay paved
With bonds of trust and love
The raw wounds lay healed
By the divine healer above

In the myriad of emotions
Of life’s rich tapestry
All is an illusion
Life, an unending mystery
Treasures untouched
By the ravages of passing time
Memories unsullied
By the vagaries of human mind